Poetry and Prose

The Heart and Brain Series


My heart has gone rogue, secretly plotting schemes unknown. Taking over brain like hostage, an emotional blade against its throat. Metaphorical knife pressed tightly, demanding it relinquish control. “Mutiny,” my brain screams, “you’ll never take me. I’ll stand until there’s nothing left.” Heart bellows a laugh, “you fool, I already have.”

Rioting Heart

“Riot,” my heart says.
Brain stands ready, geared up,
Tear gas cannisters waiting to blow.

“Riot,” my heart yells.
Past the point of peaceful
Anarchy behind this barricade chest.

“Riot,” my heart screams.
Bloody face and broken bones,
Victim of vicious vascular violence.

Rioting heart falls.
Logical brain subdues the soul,
A return to tyranny in the form of control.

“Riot,” my heart says.

Lock and Key

Visiting hours are over,
It’s time to go home now;
Heart can’t see you anymore today.
Back to its cell, lock and key,
Brain says heart must sleep.
Come again when it gets released.

-D.A. Baker


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