Poetry and Prose

Barely Breathing

Her body is steadily crumbling
From the weight of the world she’s holding.
Her shoulders folding from the pressure,
The pushing and pulling.

She’s breaking away
Like shards of glass,
Falling away with pieces
Slicing at her insides.
Tearing away at the decaying
Remains of the depths of her soul;
It’s cold and chilling.

Scaring herself with scars
She’s wearing now,
Thin lines blurring
What she’s seeing,
She’s screaming for help.

Her eyes glistening,
Tearing up,
Held back from dropping;
Collapsing under the fear
Of her own frailty.

She’s gasping,
Rib cage sinking,
Lungs crushing
As the maddening waves
Come crashing.

She’s fighting
And bleeding,
Desperately seeking a reason
To keep on being.

Though she’s barely breathing
Her heart continues beating.

-D.A. Baker


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